Social listening

Track sentiment on social media

Hear every word on social media

Many customers express feedback outside of ratings and reviews — their conversations happen informally on social channels. LimeLight lets you monitor customer comments the second they’re posted on sites like Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Google. Keep pace with the nonstop stream of online chatter and chime in when necessary to solve problems quickly.

Discover influential conversations

Monitor comments, videos and photos from social media in real-time--track keywords and hashtags of your choice to see all posts about your brand, even those you aren’t tagged in. Find influencers who are talking about you and identify User Generated Content (UGC) that drives traffic.

Respond to all comments from one place

Since 30% of social media users prefer customer service through social media over call centers, seize the opportunity: take in-moment action to resolve problems before they escalate and turn detractors into promoters. Receive real-time alerts whenever someone mentions your brand on social so you don’t miss a word.

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Discover sentiment trends

LimeLight’s Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine, Athena, converts unstructured social comments into straightforward insights, allowing you to identify and track trending topics.

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Resolve issues, identify trends and participate in every social conversation to foster customer loyalty and drive revenue.

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