Review generation

Get new reviews

More reviews, more customers

Collecting new reviews has never been easier. LimeLight sends your customers to top review sites to share feedback. More reviews = more customers.

Intelligent, automatic feedback collection

Engage with customers in real-time without disrupting workflow: LimeLight integrates seamlessly into most CRMs, CMS and accounting softwares to automate the review collection process, and sends your customers a review request either during or after a service or purchase. Decide how soon after a transaction to send requests, and how often to send them.

LimeLight sends automated review requests several ways:

Text message via deep linking app
Mobile kiosks
Drip campaign
Business website
LimeLight app on cell phone (iOS and Android)

Choose the method that best fits your business, and customize your messages to keep your brand identity consistent. Receive real-time alerts whenever customers review your business so you can respond immediately.

Track your success

Real-time reports show you how often your review requests convert into actual reviews.

Real-time review alerts

Get notified whenever a new review is posted about your business so you don’t miss a word and can respond when necessary.

LimeLight’s automated solutions let you collect new customer reviews without lifting a finger.

Let us know a bit more and let’s get started.

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