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Traditional surveys lack the capacity to measure today’s hyper-connected, mobile-first consumer society. All too often, lengthy surveys with irrelevant questions are sent at the wrong times, yielding few responses and an inaccurate customer census.

To know what your customers really think, you need to ask them only questions that mean something to them, at the moments that matter most. LimeLight gives enterprises the traditional surveys they know—adapted to fit today’s Connected Customer Journey.

Distribute surveys through all channels

Meet your customers where they are: send surveys via SMS, email, and social media. Reach your audience wherever they're most engaged.

Go traditional

Ask the right questions to the right people. Send separate surveys via SMS or email for segments like admissions, customer service, or checkout. Calculate promoters, detractors and passives using the tried-and-true Net Promoter Score (NPS) method: “How likely are you to recommend us to a friend?”

Go Millennial

Keep it as short as the modern customer’s attention span: LimeLight’s “Pick 1” feature lets you send one brief question at one specific moment. It’s as quick and effortless as “How was the line?” Long or Short.

Survey designer

LimeLight’s survey designer makes it easier than ever to build custom surveys that best fit your business model and customer base. Use multiple question types to generate informative responses and enhance user experience. Create and organize question groups with a simple drag-and-drop interface.

Net Promoter Score (NPS)

LimeLight lets you measure all survey responses with NPS to discover the distribution of promoters, detractors and passives in your customer base.

Promoters: 9-10
Passives: 7-8
Detractors: 0-6

Unlike traditional NPS surveys, with LimeLight you receive scores in real-time and can take action before the customer experience is over.

Intuitive reporting

Dive beneath scores to get an understanding of your customer base. Slice and dice responses however you like: by question, over time, or by location to identify sentiment trends. Use findings to continuously refine both customer experience and your survey itself.

Turn survey responses
into reviews

Maximize the power of survey respondents. Customer feedback is automatically routed to third-party review sites that matter to you. Amplifying positive testimonials boosts ratings and SEO, setting you apart from the competition in search results.

Run surveys for everything

  • Customer experience: omnichannel feedback, customer follow-up
  • Market research: strategic planning, customer segmentation, product development
  • Employee insights: employee engagement, training, exit interviews, onboarding

Use every survey to convert your customers into a powerful marketing engine.

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