Review management

All your reviews in one place.

It’s never been simpler

One comprehensive dashboard displays all your customer feedback from 200+ sites in real-time. You can filter your review feed by rating, time period or by source to identify which areas and sites to focus on. LimeLight sends you new review alerts via email or SMS so you don’t miss a word.

Role-based dashboards

Monitor reviews for your entire enterprise and for each individual location. Assign roles and permissions to branch managers. Collaborate improvements organization-wide and oversee all locations with an executive dashboard.

Respond directly to reviews

Engage with reviews in real-time, and respond to reviews on third-party sites directly from the LimeLight platform. By addressing customer concerns in the moment, you can solve problems as they emerge. LimeLight automatically locks reviews with spam or slander within the platform.

Proactive problem-solving

LimeLight lets you convert any review into a ticket, and assign tickets to relevant employees to ensure dedicated follow-up. Track issue resolution to confirm follow-through, and collaborate internally to keep the dialogue between your organization and your customers fluid and constructive. Improve customer satisfaction, reduce churn, convert detractors and decrease call center load.

Intuitive reporting

Have your operational improvements made an impact on customer experience? Track reviews and ratings over time, by source, and by location or product to keep pace with trends and flag potential pain points. Discover which sites your customers are most active on and direct customers there first.

Take control of your customer reviews to accelerate issue resolution, boost customer satisfaction and drive revenue.

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